You sometimes see some strange things after a major snowstorm but how, exactly, did this happen?

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With all of the snow that has fallen in Western New York since Thursday, November 17, 2022, it's expected for us to encounter some very weird sights.

Whether it's people skiing down residential streets, professional football players running down the street shirtless during a snowstorm, or measuring snowfall with beer cans, Buffalonians have a way about dealing surviving and dealing with snowfall.

However, this picture that has been floating around my Facebook and Twitter feeds has a lot of folks scratching their head.

Amy Pentz / Facebook
Amy Pentz / Facebook

Finding a Jeep Cherokee stuck in a snowbank isn't something you see every day. However, when you live in an area where more than 6 feet of snow has fallen in less than two days, just about anything is possible. But, I can assure you that this did not happen anywhere in the 716, nor did it happen this year.

Our sister station, Big Frog 104 - WFRG-FM, in Utica, NY, broke this story last year when this photo first went viral.

According to Big Frog 104, back in 2021 a Pennsylvania Auto Auction House had the great idea to promote their services in a very special and unique way.

They purposely fill the vehicle with snow and lodge it in a snowbank. It's a joke/advertisement that they do every year. Normally there is a sign on the snow bank that says "Don't Text and Drive", but when this photo was taken there was no sign in sight.

I can see why people would think this was a real thing, in the rush to get off of a snow-clogged street, we've all seen plenty of cars just abandoned after getting stuck in the snow.

It's so believable that I thank I am going to save this photo and send it to my boss the next time I need a day off.

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