weird news

Weird News
Looks like somebody was listening to Trey Songz "Neighbors Know My Name," because their sex was so loud it drove their neighbor to ARSON! Check this crazy news out!
Bullet From Stomach !
If you have a weak stomach this isn't the blog post for you. If you want to see probably the craziest thing you have seen on the internet click play below.
Man this is video is crazy I guess he was anti Obama Care.
A passenger on a New Jersey bus headed to New York was so outraged with what she witnessed that she decided to record what the driver was doing on her cell phone.
Nardwuar Vs. Big Sean on Music History [VIDEO]
Remember when Big Sean accused Ludacris of biting his style – a style that neither one of them made up? Initially, I thought the then 23-year-old Detroit rapper was just ill-informed on that particular area of rap history, but after watching his interview with Nardwuar, it’s ap…

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