In a large state such as New York, it's expected that people will get themselves in trouble with the law from time to time. However, that expectation rarely applies to members of our legal system. For the most part, judges and other public officials are considered among the best our society has to offer.

With that expectation comes a higher standard of performance and respectability in society. So it's always a surprise when a law enforcement officer or judge finds themselves in trouble with the law.

That's exactly what's happening with one New York City judge who finds herself in a very strange situation.

Family Court Judge In New York City In Trouble

It seems that an app for swingers has gotten one NYC Family Court Judge caught up in an apparent sex scandal when she exchanged a series of messages with a woman who has a case in her courtroom.

According to the New York Post, Judge Cynthia Lopez has been reassigned by the New York State Office Of Court Administration after a woman who has a child custody case in her court accused her of making sexual advances towards her on the app 3Fun.

This is alleged to have occurred in February and became known to the public after the woman shared screenshots and images of the messages she supposedly sent to her.

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The judge is being accused of dragging out the court case of the woman because she wanted to have sexual relations with her.

Since these allegations have become known, the judge has recused herself from cases, and there is an investigation underway by the New York State Office Of Court Administration.

This isn't the first New York Judge whose sexual activities have gotten them in trouble. Just over a year ago, the OnlyFans page belonging to another New York Judge got him kicked off the bench.

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