Anyone who has stepped foot inside of a grocery store lately can tell you that it’s much more expensive to shop for food than it was just a few years ago. Have you seen the price of eggs lately? Yikes!

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Many of us try to save a few bucks by shopping sales, clipping digital coupons, and buying in bulk. But what if there was a store nearby where you didn’t have to worry about any of that, because you knew you were already going to save a ton of money just by shopping there?

Soon, we’ll have a new shopping option to compete with chains like Wegmans, Market 32, Aldi, and Walmart, because a west coast-based discount grocery chain has their eye on expanding to New York State.

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Grocery Outlet Opening New Locations In New York State

Grocery Outlet, an “extreme value” grocery store chain, has over 500 stores throughout the U.S. Most of them are located in California, and currently the closest Grocery Outlet locations to New York State are in the Pennsylvania area. However, Grocery Outlet has a goal of operating close to 5,000 stores nationally, and many of them could be in New York State. 

Layla Kasha, the senior VP and new stores growth officer for Grocery Outlet, told the Schenectady Daily Gazette that the discount chain is “exploring store locations in several communities throughout upstate New York,” but as of yet don’t have exact locations and regions in place. 

New Yorkers are excited at the prospect of Grocery Outlet stores opening up in local areas, due to the fact they have extremely low prices. Just like their competetors, the chain features weekly sales, coupons, and a customer loyalty program. However, their unique business model allows them to offer items that are on average 27% less than other stores. 

How Grocery Outlet Keeps Prices So Low: Here’s What You Need To Know

According to Grocery Outlet, when a brand has excess inventory due to things like packaging changes or manufacturing overruns, the chain will buy the surplus for pennies on the dollar. Local store owners will then choose from the available products to stock their shelves with, and sell them at an extremely discounted price. This allows customers to purchase national-brand products at a steep discount. 

This, however, also has a downside. Because stores buy their inventory opportunistically, what you’ll find inside can be constantly changing (aka, you could find a specific item on the shelf one week, but not the next). 

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That being said, if you’re a shopper who likes to buy in bulk and stock up, this could save you lots of money in the long run. We’ll be sure to keep an eye out for when Grocery Outlet announces their New York State locations, and be sure to pass along the news.

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