Buffalo Murder-Suicide
This a bizarre and tragic story involving a Buffalo mother and daughter.
According to News Reports, 55-year-old Hannah Lilien allegedly killed her mother, 85-year-old Rose Lilien, and then drove more than three hours to a Red Roof Inn in Cranberry Twp...
DO NOT TOUCH Pregnant Belly!
if you live in The State of Pennsylvania and you're going around touching pregnant women's bellies....IT'S AGAINST THE LAW!!!!  But I have TWO QUESTIONS:

How will a Woman prove it if there's no one around?
Who just goes around touching a woman's pregnant belly without ask…
ADRI.V The Go Getta Spotlights Taijay Williams
In today's society, every time you turn on the news, our young men and women, or African Americans period, are being portrayed in such a negative light.  Such imagery can make society view us as uneducated, wild and unprofessional people.
What’s sad is that those who are professional, educated, well …