Bills fans smash tables.  I don't honestly know when it started, or how, but it's what we do.  But it doesn't always go as planned...

I've been a Bills fan for almost 40 years now.  I've followed them through the good and the bad. I've been a season ticket holder and I've quietly cheered them on from my couch in my living room.  I still can't tell you why Bills Mafia (for those who don't know, that's what the fan base is called) smash tables every week.  Heck, we don't even take a break in the off-season!

The way to show that you're a die-hard fan has been to smash tables.  Some people jump off the back of their truck, some off of busses.  Some get suplexed into them like they're wrestlers.  Tailgate parties get crazy!  We've just about seen it all, but this one came up a bit short...

I mean...I have to give him credit.  We can all agree that he's not the youngest buck in the forest, right?  And he gets some pretty good air.  If he wanted to jump OVER the table, he could've done that pretty easily.  He had plenty of clearance.  But what stands out to me is that he barely even moved the cups on the end.  They've got them set up there like they're getting ready to play some beer pong, but almost as if they're glued to the table, they stay in place even as he puts most of his weight down on it.  You have to respect the Hulk Hogan-esque leg drop attempt though.  That was pretty impressive.  But he's gonna be feeling that one for a few days.

Is it the worst attempt?

Maybe.  But there have been some pretty bad ones in the past.  Who would have thought that breaking a table would be so hard??  And we know it's not the last one, right?

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