I think all the criticism that's being directed at Miley Cyrus is Ridiculous, Crazy, & Unfair!

Are people BLIND?  Miley Cyrus' performance during the MTV VMA's was no more TERRIBLE than the performances in Robin Thicke's NEW SONG - "Give It 2U"...which is what that whole fiasco was promoting!!!!!

Miley Cyrus is an ACTOR!!!!! Hello!!!! It was an ACT!!!! Sha hasn't "Lost Her Mind"..she's "Gettin' Paid"!!!!!  Has anyone bothered to notice that Robin Thicke was wearing the VERY SAME PINSTRIPE SUIT HE'S WEARING IN THE VIDEO FOR HIS NEWLY RELEASED SINGLE - "Give It 2 U"?

Miley Cyrus is doing the exact same things the girls are doing in the Robin Thicke video for "Give It 2 U"!!!!  Her performance is the same as the dancers in the video, Robin Thicke's clothing is the same..as are the props in the video (the same prop she used on stage)!


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