Many people have some concerns about the traditional holiday celebration for this Thanksgiving, and of course, there are some Americans, right here in Buffalo, that will have the same type of holiday gathering as usual.

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According to WIVB, Thomas A. Russo, Professor and Chief Divison of the Infectious Disease Department of Medicine Jacobs of Medicine and Biomedical Science University at Buffalo said,

In this year of COVID, there are things we'd like to do, that we just should do. The most dangerous time to get infected with the coronavirus is while you're indoors and people can not wear a mask at all times, and obviously, with the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday and the other upcoming Christmas and religious holidays, food and drinks are often the centerpieces of these gatherings.

There are many people re-thinking how to celebrate this Thanksgiving, I spoke recently with a couple of people that had some nice ideas, Like, a  Zoom Thanksgiving gathering, or inviting fewer guess and keep as much distance between each other as possible. But for just one minute, let's be real, that is near impossible once alcohol comes into play. I have seen it in person myself.

Family and friends get together and in most cases, this is the only time you see your extended family members. It's is hard to keep emotions and excitement under control, especially when your drinking. In my opinion, we have to remember, people have lost their lives to this virus, and people are still losing their lives, so play it safe.

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