One of our Staff Members ay WBLK posted a Blog regarding NYS looking for people to claim unaccounted for funds totaling over $206,144,717.  Normally I would see this type of online notification as being a scam ... but because a very Trusted person posted it, I knew 100% that it was legit so I tried it. (The person who posted it is one of the WBLK Administrators who manages our website and dings us if we post anything that's I knew it was REAL).

I followed the instruction just for the heck of it not anticipating the Government owing me ANYTHING whatsoever, however almost immediately I saw my name come up in relation to the County I'm from ... I kept going and IT WAS ME.  I was SOOO excited.  After the system identified that I am the Todd Anderson they were looking for, the response claimed that I was owed money and that it would be sent to me after further confirmation.

Today, while checking my messages ion my phone I saw an unfamiliar source and I clicked on it...this is what I saw:

Todd Anderson
Todd Anderson

If you'd like to check to see if you're owed any Unclaimed Funds from New York State, click the button below 

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