Born and bred in Buffalo, NY, Buffalo's very own Mike Williams dream came true when he was recently picked up by his hometown Buffalo Bills from the Tampa Bay Buccaneers... but some Media reports were generated last week that Williams was upset when he was told he would not being playing in the Patriot's game last week.

The Bills Coaching Staff decided to list Williams as "INACTIVE" for the Patriots game ... a game the Bills lost 37-22!!!  So far this season, Mike Williams has had 8 CATCHES for 142 YARDS & 1 TOUCHDOWN!

Although there seemed to be talk of a Trade...either prompted by Williams himself or The Bills themselves, Mike Williams is publicly saying he wants to STAY IN BUFFALO and that's it's his DREAM COME TRUE!!!

Let's all show Mike Williams how much we appreciate him here in Buffalo and want him to "STAY"... Click the "I LIKE MIKE" link below and "Like" the Facebook Post regarding this topic...and comment as well!


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