This news should be especially concerning for African-American men as that is the group, across the board, who suffers from High Blood Pressure and Diabetes.  I'm going to get right to what's going on in this News Video below:

The lot of drugs in question, being recalled, which is primarily the drug Losartan, jumped from 2 lots identified, to10 lots of the drug being recalled, according to news reports. The FDA has comprised a full list of the hypertension drugs that have been recalled, which you can access below.  You will simply need to find the BRAND NAME OF YOUR MEDICATION AND TYPE IN THE LOT # ON THE BOTTOM.

The strangest thing about this huge High Blood Pressure Medication National Recall news story, is the fact that doctors are suggesting patients who are currently taking the meds, should continue taking them.  It's strange but sensible, as discontinuing a High Blood Pressure med could cause major immediate problems, including heart attack.

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