Community Health Center of Buffalo, in Niagara Falls and Buffalo, is conducting FREE HEALTH SCREENINGS in conjunction with Fidelis Care this Thursday and Friday.  The Event is called, "Take Your Loved One To The Doctor Day" and there is NO COST and no need for INSURANCE.  The event is for all ages, so parents bring the kids along...( Note: the Health Screenings ARE NOT Physicals...they are only Health Screenings to help identify if there may be something going on with you that you may not be aware of and should know about.)  There will be FREE Screenings for your choosing to check for High Blood Pressure, Diabetes, HIV, and more!  All Screening Results are CONFIDENTIAL!

The "Take Your Love One To the Doctor Day" FREE Health Screenings will take place Thursday, June 20 & Friday, June 21 at either Community Health Centers of Buffalo... with Thursday's FREE Health Screenings being held at The Niagara Falls location @ 501 10th Street, Niagara Falls NY 14301 or you can take advantage on Friday at the Buffalo location @ 34 Benwood Ave, Buffalo, NY 14214.  Certified Professionals will be on hand and Community Health Center of Buffalo has In-House Doctor Referrals as well.

Preventative Health Screenings are so very important to you and your Loved One's Health so you can identify a possible problem going on that you ..or they...are unaware of so it can get treated and be 100% Healthy...if you don't know you won't catch things and it could be too late for treatment.  THERE IS ABSOLUTELY NO APPOINTMENT NECESSARY...however if you choose to make an appointment, you can, by calling 716-213-1305. (NOTE: this number will not work beyond the FREE Health Screenings...but you can still come in for Health Screenings by calling 716-986-9199).  Fidelis Care will also be on hand to discuss Insurance Options with you if there is a need or desire for future insurance.  There is NO NEED FOR ANY INSURANCE FOR THE FREE HEALTH SCREENINGS.

There will a number of entertaining events as well on both "Take A Loved One To The Doctor Days" (Thursday & Friday), including (aside from the FREE Health Screenings)...a Farmer's Market, A Senior Corner, Beauty Makeovers, Healthy Cooking Demonstrations, Zumba Classes, Dancing Classes, and you'll have the opportunity to meet any number of Community Groups and Community Leaders.

I spoke at length with Avery Bates: Director of Government & Community Relations, Patty Devine: Program Coordinator of Primary Care Clinical Initiatives , Scott Averill: Vice President of Marketing at Fidleis Care, and Ann Hughes: Public Relations Manager at Fidelis Care.

Here's the conversation I had with the good people @ the Buffalo Community Health Center & Fidelis Care ... giving you all the information you'll need in order to take advantage of you & Your Loved One's FREE HEALTH SCREENING during the "Take Your Loved One To The Doctor Day" FREE Health Screening event.

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