According to WIVB, The Erie County Comptroller's Office says that many businesses commented violations, and 9 of the businesses were ordered to close after not following COVID-19 guidelines.

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There were at least 277 businesses in total that had violations since the restrictions began, some of them received multiple violations and fines. Many of them were restaurants, and fines ranged anywhere from $100.00 to $800.00.

According to WIVB, some of the reasons for the violations include many employees in some of the businesses not wearing masks, overcrowding, and/or lack of social distancing. I often wondered, as a DJ, if dancing at an event without wearing a mask was a violation, and as it turns out, it is. Businesses were also fined for having more than 50 people in attendance.

Buffalo Businesses that were forced to close due to COVID-19 violations include The Cowboy, in Buffalo for overcrowding, and the Kaz's in Blasdell for a server not wearing a mask while serving a customer. The Groove Lounge, in Buffalo, and The Stage, in Clarance both forced to close for having more than 50 guests and not social distancing.

Going forward it's going to be hard for businesses to survive during this global pandemic in my opinion. Many experts are saying that there is a second wave of the virus coming through as cases are on the rise in many states, it's going to be very important to stay in compliance with the rules.

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