The Washington Post Has a Round Figure
The fact checkers at the Washington Post have been on their job since Trump took office.

On Sunday, the publication put out an updated count of Trump’s false and misleading statements since Inauguration Day and it shows that Trump has reportedly surpassed the 10,000 mark!

According to CNN

“The president continues to say false or misleading statements at an unbelievable pace,” The Post’s fact-checker-in-chief, Glenn Kessler, said on CNN’s “New Day” this morning. “He hit 5,000 in September. Now here it is, seven months later, and he’s now hit 10,000. That’s an average of about 23 false or misleading claims a day in the last seven months.”

We’re sure all politicians have lied at some point in their career or misspoke on something they didn’t have all the information to, but 10,000-plus lies in less than four years seems excessive. And that’s just the ones the Washington Post caught!

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