Every since adult recreational marijuana has been legal in New York State there has been a lot of questions. One of them. especially for non-smokers, is how will the roads be affected by people driving under the influence of marijuana. We all know that the traditional rolled joint or blunt (cigar with marijuana instead of tobacco) can be detected by police but there are some other devices and ways of consuming weed that is not detectible.

According to WGRZ, Erie County District Attorney John Flynn wants officers to be trained to detect if someone high. I personally think this is a problem waiting to happen, I'm not sure how extensive the training will be, or how it can be done because I know some extremely high functioning people while they are high. The training for this is going to be very expensive, officers will have to go away for four or five days. Police departments will need additional funding to train officers.

Do You Think It's Easier To Tell Whether Someone Is Drunk Or High?

As many people already know, it's a little easier to tell if someone has been drinking than it is to tell if someone has been under the influence of marijuana. I can only imagine dealing with someone while under the influence of anything, I'm curious to see how this is going to play out in the city because unfortunately, I'm sure this law is going to be tested, I just hope that it doesn't cause anyone any serious harm.

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