Nothing to see here, folks.

At least that was the case in Houston, Texas, where cops shut down the Kanye West 'New Slaves' projections slated for buildings in the city his pal Beyonce calls home.

Yeezy -- or 'Yeezus,' since that's his totally humble new album title -- had planned to project the video on the Rothko Chapel, the Central Library downtown and the George Bush Monument as part of a second week of coordinated global screenings.

Last week saw 66 screenings go off according to plan in locations as far and wide as Toronto, Berlin, Paris, Los Angeles and more. The second series was planned for Auckland, Sand Diego, Birmingham, Milan and, of course, H-Town.

There were various ways that Yeezus' projections were 86ed in the Texas town. Fans that wanted to witness the spectacle at Houston's Rothko Chapel were warned they'd be arrested for trespassing. The Library screening was nixed due to technical glitches and the Bush location watchers dealt with sprinklers.

At the Bush monument, a fan said, "All we saw were the sprinklers come on and obnoxious people screaming Kanye threats."

Yeez, that had to suck!

'Yeezus' drops June 18. Below is the went-off-according-to-plan projection from the Auckland, New Zealand location, which took place Friday, May 24.

Watch Kanye West 'New Slaves' Projection in Auckland

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