Kanye West was on hand at Art Basel in Switzerland a couple days ago, and when he wasn't taking in the artwork, he decided to perform a version of his track 'New Slaves,' with no musical accompaniment -- not something many other rappers would do, but then again, there's only one Yeezus.

West kicked off his impromptu performance by saying, "I feel almost like Steve Jobs, giving one of those addresses." Dude, what is with the Steve Jobs obsession? Give it up, man!

Yeezy also played the track 'On Sight' for the Art Basel crowd. He confirmed it's a song he worked on with Daft Punk, something you can hear as soon as the beat kicks in.

Another video has surfaced of Yeezy recording 'I Am God,' with production genius Rick Rubin spitting his verse, "I just talked to Jesus / He said 'What up, Yeezus?' / I said 'S---, I'm chillin'.' / Tryin' to stack these millions / I know He the most high, but I am a close high / Mi casa es su casa / That's that Cosa Nostra / I am a God."

After he finishes his recording, Rubin jokes that keeping the word 'millions' instead of 'billions' is more relatable and it gets quite the hearty laugh out of Kanye. You can tell this typically temperamental star is at his most relaxed in the studio, which is not surprising seeing as he continually puts out absolutely impeccable music.

So, what did you think of Kanye's a capella performance of 'New Slaves'? Vote in the poll below.

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