Honey Cocaine is coming out sporting boxing gloves with her new mixtape, 'Thug Love.'

We're not sure who she's mad at or why she's mad but she's talking tough. On the tape, her favorite words to call her naysayers are "bitch" and "ho." She has no problem shouting out how much more incredible she is compared to them on every verse.

There's no real story line for 'Thug Love' if you were hoping for that, but mindless lyrics about expensive jewelry "older than her" and hard trap beats she provides.

"I'm just bout these commas bitch, period, so don't ask me why I'm so serious," Honey yells on 'Chi Chi Get the Yayo.' On 'Really Really,' she believes she's the answers to what's missing on the female side of the rap game. If you ride with her, she'll teach you the ins and outs of her gangster ways. "Join the honey team, and I turn you G," she guarantees.

Otherwise if you go against her, be warned -- Cocaine is "slapping" and "shaking" bitches." On her track 'Runaway Bride,' she affirms that hip-hop and weaponry are the only thing that's loyal in her mind. "F--- trustin' feelings, I trust my glock," Honey Cocaine raps.

On the skit 'Heartache,' she opens up about having to keep a frigid exterior as her parents barely made it out of Cambodia, relocating to Toronto for a better life. She never had a silver spoon and believes those struggles leave her with no excuse but to make it. "Everybody has struggles and you're not the only one in this world whose heart is aching," she says.

Producer Dkreim crafts all of the bass-shaking beats on 'Thug Love.' However, Honey Cocaine doesn't bring the lyrical potency. But the energy is there. Her flow is very reminiscent at times of another female rapper on top of her game. But with over 460,000 followers on Twitter, Honey Cocaine fans are going to tell you no one's matching her fly.


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