To the 70,000 Jerk TV YouTube subscribers, Freddy E was a charismatic, comedian/ rapper who poked fun at social issues like The 12.21.12 Apocalypse.


To Canadian Rapper Honey Cocaine, he was a "King" that she was loved and admired.

To his family in Seattle, he was a talented young man with a bright future. Somehow Frederick Buhl was blind to all this love that surrounded him and decided to take his own life this weekend.

Check out these disturbing tweets leading up to his death.


Rumor has it that he was upset because his girlfriend Honey Cocaine changed her Facebook relationship status to "Single" and no longer felt that life was worth living.

What I can't understand is why none of his close friends and family answered his cry for help. I know If I read suicidal tweets from my peoples, I would immediately go to him/her and make sure they didn't have any weapons or a way to really hurt themselves.

Instead this .....


Watching the last two episodes of Jerk TV, I, an outsider, can see past the jokes and notice that something was wrong.

And in this one below, it's as if he is crying out for help behind the Santa mask! Note the ending.... Creepy!