I love when local restaurants here in Western New York get a national spotlight. It's even better when the owners of the local eatery are superb human beings and deserve accolades they receive.

In case you missed it earlier this week, Barstool Sports Chicago and Pardon My Take podcast host, Dan Katz was in Buffalo earlier this week and he was floored by what he called the best wings he's ever had.

Those wings were Wingnutz.

Wingnutz is a kitchen at the Knights of Columbus on Kenmore Ave. in Buffalo and they don't even technically have a true restaurant, but Katz and his co-host are determined now to raise money with a new t-shirt that will get Wingnutz its very own restaurant in Buffalo!

Ed and Alicia run Wingnutz and they were overjoyed by the love that they got from a national sports show host and they even had a talk with Katz.

They even taped a podcast episode at the Knights of Columbus and Ed explained how they came to be at Wingnutz.

Ed and his wife Alicia started the business in 2005 when they experimented with wings for over a year before finally landing the right recipe for their wings, which are described as extra big, extra crispy and amazing sauce. It started in their basement and eventually went to their backyard.

After a few years they landed at the Knights of Columbus and have gotten a lot of popularity in the last few years. Now, Katz is determined to help them get their ow restaurant.

This is amazing and if you have not had Wingnutz, change that. It's worth the hype.

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