Message for Bruce Jenner!
The headline for this Blog fails to mention Kaitlyn Jenner because it would be unfair to the Author / Maker of this Video, due to the fact that she refers to the subject of her message as 'Bruce Jenner' and refuses to call him Kaitlyn.
Here's The Message To Bruce Jenner:
10 Year-Old Smoking Weed?
The caption associated with this YouTube Video is: "10 YEAR-OLD BOY SMOKES WEED"...leaving me wondering if he posted the video (since there's a specific age mentioned), or someone else did while WITNESSING a 10 Year-Old doing this?
Either way...
It's nothing new...some women (and some men) find Male Inmates "sexy"...but to the extent that their wiling to bail an inmate out and promise to rehabilitate him...ALL BASED UPON HIS MUGSHOT BEING SO "FINE"!!!!!???  YES!!!