The Tappo Day Club in the Black Rock area of Buffalo is the newest business on that side of town and was going to be the happening place to hang out, swim, or just chill by the bar. The club's owner Rocco Termini has been under heavy scrutiny as of late because of a new dress code put in place. In a recent statement from the club, the dress code was put in place after a physical altercation occurred at the grand opening back in May. Now, according to, the owner Rocco Termini is considering closing the club because he is now being called a racist. He has since apologized, and changed the dress code.

So Is This A Common Problem In Buffalo?

We have all seen this in Buffalo far too many times, and people that have lived here their whole lives like me know how this works. Let me explain, it is no different than when a nightclub has a fight. Security guards in these places are on the front lines so they see what's happening, and experienced security guards know how to access a situation and relay good information to the owners. Security guards that are not as experienced, automatically blame the dress code, and stereotype people by the way they dress and relay bad information to owners forcing them to make these kinds of bad decisions too quickly, in my opinion.

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So Why Shouldn't The Day Club Close?

In my opinion, I think this club was a great idea for people in that community and all around Western New York, if I was the owner of the club, I would make sure I have an experienced team of employees that can relate to of all patrons no matter their race, and you would be called a racist. I would also make sure that all guests feel welcome. There has been a lot of money put into starting this business, I would keep it open, but really focus on who's coming to enjoy the club and making sure they feel safe and welcome.

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