It's April 1st and rent is due for many residents in Buffalo and Niagara Falls. If you are having trouble paying your rent due to a job loss from the coronavirus pandemic, here's a list of agencies that offer assistance with rent.

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*In putting this list together and doing research, some of the entities on this list are not currently offering rent assistance, but may be able to help in the long-term with income-based, affordable housing.

"The Department of Social Services offers temporary help for needy men, women and children. If you are unable to work, can't find a job or your job does not pay enough to meet your basic living expenses you may be eligible to receive help." ~ Erie County

* They are currently seeking more funding, so they may not have assistance at the moment, but you can learn more about how to apply when they do get more funding.

"Our Emergency and Family Services Department provides short-term assistance to individuals and families during an emergency or crisis that threatens their ability to maintain basic needs – food, clothing, and shelter." ~ Community Action Organization of Erie County

"Through our administration of both the HUD Section 8 voucher program, and our VASH (Veterans Affairs Supportive Housing) vouchers, we help secure affordable rental housing for families, seniors, and veterans." ~ Belmont

*Their waiting list is closed, but this may be a resource, if needed, in the near future

"Housing Opportunities Made Equal, Inc. (“HOME”) is a civil rights organization with a mission to promote the value of diversity and ensure all people an equal opportunity to live in housing and communities of their choice." ~ Housing Opportunities Made Equal, Inc.

* Not all locations offer emergency assistance, but some do.

"Our housing case workers can help you find funding or housing placement in Buffalo and Jamestown, and throughout all eight counties of Western New York." ~ Housing Assistance - Evergreen Services

Housing Assistance - MHPC
(716) 836-0822

9. DePaul Properties, Inc. 
(585) 426-8000

* Not emergency housing assistance, but potential as a long-term option, if you are looking for help with transitioning to income-based, affordable housing

"DePaul Properties, Inc. creates and operates attractive, affordable housing solutions in urban, suburban and rural settings within environments that promote respectful community relationships. All units are subject to income eligibility and occupancy requirements." ~ DePaul Properties, Inc. 


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