Who knew beautiful people could be so ugly! When Halle Berry got pregnant by model Gabriel Aubry, we thought she finally found a man she would settle down with. But instead, she goes and gets engaged to actor Olivier Martinez who wants to take Ms Berry & her precious daughter to live happily ever after in France. When the court halted the couple plans to leave Gabe in "Never-ever-see-your-daughter-again" land, things got physical between the two men.

For the first time since the Thanksgiving brawl, baby daddy Gabe speaks out! Is he the victim or the aggressor in this situation. Find out inside.

Halle Berry called the police saying "Someone is attacking my boyfriend" all the while her boyfriend was attacking her daughter's dad! Aubry ended up with a broken rib and a smashed face with one eye swollen shut and a deep cut that required stitches.


Aubry claims in his document that he drove up to Berry's house with Nahla in the backseat, and was surprised to see Martinez at her house, as he is not usually present during custodial hand-overs.

He then claims that Nahla said: "Olivier is here. I'm scared."

"From now on you're going to do drop offs on the street. I'm not just some f--ing actor, you don't know me."

After all this, beautiful Gabe Aubry was arrested and the Actors drove off into the California sunset. WOW!

They should've called SWAT on Mr Martinez, who cleary is still in character from his break out role. Check him out at the 1:15 min mark

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