Yesterday, Facebook was down for a couple of hours.  It got people thinking...what if it went away forever?  What would happen to all of the photos I have saved there?

How many of you have been saving all of your photos on Facebook as if it was your own personal scrapbook?  First of all, I get it.  It's easy to upload them to Facebook.  They're right there when you want to show them to someone else, and they're always there.  Right?  Well...they're there as long as Facebook is.

But if something happened to Facebook where would your photos go that you have of your baby's 1st birthday?  Or that time that you bumped into Josh Allen on the street and he agreed to take a picture with you?

What happens then?

Yesterday when Facebook went down people suddenly had a panic moment.  So how can you back your pictures up somewhere else so you don't lose them?

Your best bet is to download them to a hard drive where you control where they are. This way, they're saved on an actual drive that is in your posession.  However, if you trust putting them on another site, like Google, here are some step-by-step instructions that are easy to follow to back them up to Google Photos.  It's actually a simple process.  I went through it today just to make sure.  All of the pictures I have on facebook are available to be viewed by the public so I'm not concerned about privacy in this case.


9 Steps On How To Backup Your Facebook Photos To Google Photos

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