The Groove Lounge has had its challenges and is changing direction...for good.  Gone are the days of the Hyped up Late Night No-Holds-Barred Parties.  Now The Groove Lounge is not only completely for the Grown & Sexy, but the new mature clientele can also enjoy Buffalo Best Soul Food inside The Groove Lounge's new restaurant called The Grub & Groove Soul Food Restaurant...and let me tell you first hand...OMG...the food is SLAMMIN'...and you get A LOT.

The Grand Opening Celebration is not only a celebration about the restaurant, but it's also Micheal;l Ray's Birthday Weekend...complete with Live Entertainment all weekend:

Here's the Breakdown:

Friday Night: "AS ONE" ... an R& B Sensational Band from Rochester, NY, followed by Yours Truly playing all your favorite Line Dance songs mixed in with your favorite Jams after the band.

Saturday: Buffalo Own Miss Beyonce...LIVE NEO SOUL, followed by DJ Spin and DJ Iceberg playing some slamming Grown & Sexy  Jams all night after the Live Show.

Sunday: Live Jazz with Saxophone Extraordinaire, Darryl Brown, followed by DJ Spin and DJ Iceberg again for the 2nd Night playing more of some more Slamming Grown & Sexy  Jams all night after the Live Jazz Show.

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