Rumor or Real: Are Kanye West's ex-boo, Amber Rose, and Wiz Khalifa expecting a new addition to the family?

Rumor has it that lately, Amber Rose has been spotted wearing loose-fitting clothing, which is not the norm for her. According to, she's has been spotted poolside with what seems to be the beginning stages of a baby belly.

So at the time, we are not sure if this is Rumor or Real, but I’m guessing only time will tell. I'll give you an update in the next nine months.

Another rumor rolling out is that Stevie J -- a.k.a., Stebie (LOL) -- and L&HHATL star Joseline Hernandez are engaged.  If you've been watching the show, you will noticed that on show, Joseline rocks this huge ring on her ring finger, and rumors are swarming that she is engaged to Stevie J.  When asked in a interview if this rumor is true, Joseline simply replied “Just keep watching the show, and you will see.”

Of course, Mimi Faust, another L&HHATL star and Stevie J.'s baby mother went on another radio station stating that is rumor is false. Well, I guess, again, only time will tell. Will you be watching?

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