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There's a first time for everything, even for a man as seasoned as N.O.R.E.

The Queens, N.Y., native jumps into our Go Fishing series -- no water included -- to answer some random questions about life, family and women, among others.

Following the April release of his fourth official album, 'Student of the Game,' the veteran rapper is in good spirits when speaking on topics like first dates. So what's the one thing that would make N.O.R.E., aka P.A.P.I., head for the door if he's out to dinner with a curvaceous cutie? Though he's now married, he has no problem answering the question.

"Now after I'm with a lady for awhile, I do want to hear you fart, I do want to hear you act human," he tells TheDrop.fm. "I do want to see you without makeup. But when I first meet you, if you fart, pick your booger, anything like that, like I can do that, I can pick my nose 'cause I'm a guy. I'm disgusting. Guys are terrible. Have you ever been in a men's bathroom? You don't want to go there. But if a female was to do something like that... I would definitely skedaddle."

Get inside the 'Camouflage Unicorns' creator's mind to find out the reason he doesn't like red wine, which TV show character he wants to become for a day, why 'Cloud Atlas' is the "most horrible movie" he's watched and the words of wisdom his father instilled in him.

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