Despite being a relatively youthful culture, hip-hop has built an illustrious history for itself. Beginning as a pasttime for underprivileged kids and young adults in the South Bronx, N.Y., hip-hop spread throughout the New York City streets and beyond, eventually becoming the voice of the youth. By the '80s, rap had begun to spread its wings as a business model and aspiring artists throughout the country were plying their trade in hopes of becoming a future rap star.

Soon, the little engine that could was a full-blown industry catering to the interests and sensibilities of the youth and was firmly planted within the fabric of America. There was little the establishment or talking heads could do about it. Rock may have been king, but hip-hop quickly toppled its crown and took over as the most popular genre in America.

Throughout that process, we were introduced to a number of important figures and characters within hip-hop, mainly via the music that was dominating the airwaves and the albums flying off of the shelves. And those albums, songs and colorful personalities came with stories that went beyond the music. While you may know that Kurtis Blow made a classic song about basketball and breaks in life did you also also know that the guy that would eventually become Run from Run-D.M.C. dubbed himself the "Son of Kurtis Blow"? And while DJ Premier may be known for his contributions to New York City hip-hop, would it surprise you to know he was born and raised in Texas?

Those are just two examples of how it's truly deeper than rap when it comes to this wonderful culture of ours and that there are actual stories and historical facts that are significant when accounting for the making of the music or the artist themselves. Taking note of that, we've decided to compile 100 Hip-Hop Facts That Will Blow Your Mind about some of your favorite rap artists, the music they make, their thoughts and the lives they lead. From the random to the serious and everything in between, check them out .above.

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