This Labor day weekend, we have perfect weather to get outside and enjoy the last few days of summer. But Generation Z might be too locked into their iPods, Smart phones and laptops to even notice!

Operation Gen Z to the rescue! Let's explore the benefits of getting social without social media. If You're wondering how to do that, this blog is for YOU! 

We ask this questions to try to understand why the Zed generation would rather be at home on the computer on a nice summer day instead  of out at the beach or in a pool with friends and family.

What if there was a law stating that if you were ages 12-18 you may not use the Internet unless you are in a school facility accompanied by a faculty member? How would you guys handle that?

I’ve noticed that this specific generation has a hard time functioning without their phone! Many of you revealed that if you accidentally leave your phone at home, 100% of the time you'll go home and get it. And a lot of you get annoyed if someone doesn't text you back right away or if no one mentions you on Twitter all day.


You CAN be social without Social Media!


Throughout the recent years it has been very relevant that Generation Z has labeled their self as the lazy generation and the proof is in the pudding the rise of Obesity is higher in ages 5-14 right into adulthood.

It has gotten to the point where the Zeds have given up on physical motion if it doesn't involve them doing the essentials (going to the bathroom, going to get sometime of fuel for their body or taking a shower). Physical education is a must in order to stay in shape but most view it as punishment or something they have to do in order to graduate.

Check out this extraordinary Zed who is destined to be a Top 5 Pick in the NBA because he "unplugs" and engages in real life activities.

Jabari Parker is the best high school basketball player in the country. He also is an A student, attends bible study every morning before class, and spends quality time with his family.


Floyd enjoys a convo with on of his peeps on the beach!


How will you Get Social without Social Media this weekend?

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