Get Ready to Get into the Mix, The Go Getta Mix!

For my party goers, college students, overnight workers and general late night owls Get ready to Plug Into The City and Get into the mix, The Go Getta Mix Every Friday!

Understanding the importance of music and a DJ, I look to spice up the and incorporate a new edition. So get into the Mix, The Go Getta Mix with me as you stay Plugged into The City! The Go Getta Mix is where selected DJs will get an opportunity to Mix Fridays from 11pm-2am


The Go Getta Mix will give the opportunity for non-radio DJs to gain exposure on the radio and beyond.  I have traveled to different places and heard so many great DJs near and far so the purpose of The Go Getta Mix is to give them an opportunity to show case their talent on a larger platform, and for others to get to hear what I hear regularly, truly gifted and talented individuals.

This opportunity is open to ALL DJs.  To enter into the mix DJs must first submit a 20 minute mixes, EPK and cue sheets for the mixes. Selected DJs will have the opportunity to submit mixes that will then be played on Fridays  from 11pm-2am. The DJs will also have the opportunity to be interviewed on the show while there mix is being showcased.

All DJ’s desiring to mix for The Go Getta Mix must first submit a 20 minute mix. Again, this is an opportunity for ALL DJs. Please be advised that your 20 minute mix will determine you being selected!

Selected DJs will be highlighted as the featured DJ and broadcasted on

If you are interested in getting in the mix, The Go Getta Mix please email me at

Remember nothing in life is just giving to you, You have to be a Go Getta, so Go Get It and Get In The Mix!



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