Father Jumps in Fight with Teens
The NYPD is investigating a fight caught on camera after it went viral last week. A man from Brookyln, over 6-feet tall and weighing nearly 300 pounds, jumped in a fight to help his 14-year-old daughter.
Zimmerman to Jail?
You may remember him as the over zealous neighborhood watchman in Florida who took the life of Trayvon Martin, or you may remember him for getting acquitted of all charges in that case. Either way, he has been making headlines every since then going in and out jail.
More NFL Abuse
Yet another crazy story about an NFL player and an abusive situation. Arizona Cardinals Runningback Johnathon Dwyer was arrested today on aggravated assault charges in connection with two incidents that took place in his home in late July with a 27 year old woman and an 18 month child.