This is not for everyone...just want to be clear with you if you thought, 'Too Good To Be True', you are on point with that conclusion.  This program is made possible through New York State's HEAP Program, so if you're not Low-Income you can kind of stop reading and refer this news to someone who is...but wait...there are more must also have a Medical Condition such that an Air Conditioner is necessary r elative to your condition.

So to qualify for one of the Free Air Conditioners, you must 1st be eligible for HEAP by meeting the current eligibility requirements.  Once eligibility is established, you must have at least one person in your home who is suffering from a medical condition whereas heat would enhance or worsens the person's condition.  The Free Air Conditioners are being provided by The New York State Office of Temporary and Disability Assistance.  They have reserved $3 million in federal funding to get air conditioning units or fan, to those eligible households.

Governor Andrew Cuomo said this about the N.Y. State Air Conditioner Giveaway: (according to News Reports)

"When the heat and humidity of summer arrives, it's important that vulnerable New Yorkers are able to stay safe and comfortable in their homes.  I encourage anyone with a medical condition that is worsened by high temperatures to apply now, so an air conditioner can be installed before the first heat wave hits."

The Department of Social Services is taking applications through August 31, or until they've expended all of their hurry and apply.  You can 1st see if you're eligible for HEAP by clicking the button below.

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