Ever since it was announced that a massive snowstorm is blowing its way into Western New York, people who live in the Buffalo area have been scrambling to make sure they have all the necessary supplies to ride out the storm. But there is one key thing that many of us are missing.

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Winter in the 716 is cold and feels like it goes on for eternity. Those feelings get especially impactful whenever a huge winter storm is making its impact on us.

When this happens, it's really important that you've completed everything that needs to be done before the snow really starts flying. Once you've got all of your preparations and supplies ready.

Another thing about winter in Buffalo is that it's the perfect reminder that cuffing season is in full swing. While lots of people may be looking for their new winter cuddle buddy, sometimes you really only need someone to help you ride out a big winter storm, and there's where your Flurry Friend comes into play.

So What Is A Flurry Friend?

Your Flurry Friend, which can also be referred to as a Snow Heaux, is a person that you decide to get snowed in with during a big snowstorm.

Once you have your Flurry Friend all set, all that's left is for you to have some of your favorite adult beverages on deck, along with some good movies to watch and you're all set for to stay warm during the height of the storm.

Just make sure your Avalance Amigo/Amiga is someone you don't mind being with for a few days because Western New York is likely to be under a driving ban for a while.

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