Thanks to Winter Storm Gerri, every area of Western New York has been visited by that one thing we're famously known for, we knew days in advance was coming, but yet it always seems like we're not prepared for.

Lake Effect Snow.

The snowstorm has hit Western New York hard, and with many areas of the region still under a travel ban, we're now thinking about clean-up and recovery. Luckily, officials and residents in the 716 took this storm much more seriously than we had previous storms, and the results are clear. We've had no deaths related to the storm and only a few traffic accidents to speak of.

Even though most people aren't happy that snow has finally arrived in Western New York, some folks are rather happy it's finally snowing; looking at you skiers and snowmobilers, however, the rest of us are just ready to get back to regular life. That is once the travel bans are lifted and we're able to drive around.

However, we won't be able to do that until the roads are clear, which brings us to an age-old question that always comes up in Western New York: Where are the plows?

Just about every single one of us has asked this question while living in Western New York at some point in our lives.

So, about that question? Where are the plows? The answer really depends on where you live.

In Western New York, a large mixture of highways, roads, and streets are maintained by different levels of government. Some roads belong to a town/village/city, some to the county, and some belong to the state - all of which have different plowing schedules and priorities.

Both Erie County and the City of Buffalo have tools available to tell what roads are supposed to be plowed by them or not.

Erie County Department of Public Works
Erie County Department of Public Works

The City of Buffalo, with more than 1,600 lane miles of road within the city limits they're responsible for, even uses GPS to track the status of its streets and whether they've been plowed recently.

City of Buffalo Department of Public Works, Parks & Streets (DPW)
City of Buffalo Department of Public Works, Parks & Streets (DPW)

Here's a start to finding the plows.

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