There is a six-foot-tall slice of pizza on the loose in or around Lakeland, FL. Described by police as having pepperoni, mushrooms, green peppers and black olives, it’s actually a promotional costume for the local Papa John’s.

As you can see in the surveillance tape below, the slice was swiped by a man who appears to be around 18 with a serious taste for pizza. 

The theft occurs at about the two minute mark. But you have to watch closely because the thief is surprisingly sneaky, considering that he not only takes the costume but he even puts it on before leaving the store.

Judging from the alert the Polk County Sheriff’s Office has issued concerning the crime, the authorities believe this may have been more than a one man job, as they are also seeking four more “people of interest” who appeared in the video.

So far no word on any possible motives for the crime. (An extreme case of the munchies, maybe?)

Anyone with information should call 863-577-1600 or 863-298-6200. While we hate to endorse criminal activity, we admit that we would find it extremely difficult to snitch on a giant slice of pizza.

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