Man I love college the environment, the experience of meeting new people, but all people are not good people to meet especially in this day in time.

Sunday night a fight involving 12,  yes 12 people. that's not a fight any more that is a brawl with all 12 people fighting one shot was fired in the air and of course everyone ran which is typical in todays world someone always want to bring a gun to a fist fight. (They must never seen Friday before with the iconic Craig and his dad talk) Vid Below

After running its said that the unknown gunman was wearing a dark hoodie with the hood up, jeans and white sneakers and ran toward the newly built Campus Walk apartment complex, who knows if they live there.

No injuries were reported

Anyone with information, call University police at (716) 878-6333 or call the anonymous tip line at (716) 878-3166.

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