I can only imagine the heart attack a father would get after seeing his daughter in a Playboy magazine; It has play tricks on your mind. Sadly, it played such a mind trick on the father of Loradena Chivu that he took his life after seeing his daughter in the spread:

Via Mirror UK reports:

Loredana Chivu stripped off for the Romanian edition of Playboy magazine and when her father found out, he hit rock bottom and shunned her.

The curvaceous blonde said: “He stopped speaking to me, he was pretty upset.

“When he found out what I had done he cut himself off from the world and tried to isolate me as well from the rest of the family.

“I thought he would get over it and I never expected he would do something like kill himself.”

The model – who has hundreds of scantily clad glamour pics on her Instagram page – always had a close relationship with her father but said that changed once he saw the revealing photos.

When she went to reconcile with him a few months later, after deciding that the dispute had gone on long enough, she was horrified to find he had killed himself.

“I found him hanging from a beam in the attic,” she said.

“I never recovered from the shock of finding him.”

Loredana, now aged 25 and living in the Romanian capital Bucharest, said that ever since that moment six-years-ago she had been haunted by the fear that his motivation for killing himself was the row that they had.

She regrets never getting the chance to speak to him about their disagreement.

“He had not left a suicide note, and everybody said that up to the end he seemed cheerful, and it was a complete mystery as to why he would do something like this,” she said.

“We had always been close and talked every day and suddenly that stopped after the photographs.”

“Even after all this time I find it hard to come up with words to talk about it, it is still too painful. I would not wish this on anyone,” she said.

“One of the worst things is not knowing – he didn’t seem to have any pressing problems at the time apart from our argument and I never would have thought he was a weak man who would take his own life.”

She added that not understanding why he took his own life was a constant pain in her life and she fears that she never will know.

Here are some more pictures of the model:

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