Surveillance Captures Theft!
According to News Reports, the man and child, seen stealing in this surveillance video, are father and son.  There's a stipulation regarding arresting them, however. Reportedly they are Canadians and do not live in the United States, making it hard to locate and prosecute them...
Dad Robs for Kid
You be The JUDGE  on this one. What would you do if your child needed Chemotherapy but your Insurance Company stopped paying?
7 Year-Old Girl Survives!!!!
How a 7 Year-Old Girl Survived a Deadly Plane Crash that killed 4 Members of her family including her Mom & Dad & sibling...she walked through the woods for about 4 miles and finally found a house where she found help.
Police Shot Him Dead in Walmart
Four days before Mike Brown was shot by Ferguson Police in Missouri for walking in the street, another black man was gunned down by Ohio Police inside a Wal-Mart for Shopping! New evidence proves that this man was shot on sight without warrant!!

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