'Mom These Are Not Drugs!'
The Opioid Epidemic and drug usage among teens is off the charts these days, so when a Mom got a call from her Daughter asking Mom to go in her room and look for her Calculator, Mom got more than she bargained for!!!!  Mom Found DRUGS!!!??...
Father Jumps in Fight with Teens
The NYPD is investigating a fight caught on camera after it went viral last week. A man from Brookyln, over 6-feet tall and weighing nearly 300 pounds, jumped in a fight to help his 14-year-old daughter.
Dad Does Nae Nae [VID]
Silento's hit song and dance "Watch Me" has thousands of kids and teens making their own fan videos but when this little girl's dad jumps in, he steals the show with his cowboy hat and wrangler jeans! You've never seen the Nae Nae dance quite like this before.
Daughter Royalty
Chris Brown seems to taking his new found fatherhood very seriously. You can see him and his baby girl doin it for the Gram in these candid photos and home video.
Sinbad comes back to buffalo!
After randomly being mentioned during SNL's "Slave Skit" on Saturday, legendary comedian / actor Sinbad is coming to Buffalo for one night only. Check out his interview with Jazzy T in the Afternoon.
Tyrese's Baby Mama Drama
Norma Gibson is the baby mama caught up in today’s drama, and she apparently called the cops on her ex Tyrese last night.

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