From Kanye's kilt to A$AP Rocky's dress and Snoop's French manicure, men in hip-hop continue to blur the gender lines. Chris Brown and Fabolous join the bandwagon with their latest feminine fashions. Check out the madness inside.

Fabolous is "Ready" to make a comeback on the commercial scene with his new hit single featuring Chris Brown. In this behind the scenes video, the men are wearing some pieces that had me scratching my head.

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Check out Fabolous' shoulder-bearing leather dress! And even though CB has the body to pull it off, this see-through sequined shirt is ........ well you fill in the blank yourself.

But it's this next fashion disaster that got the web buzzing.


Sure there are some cultures that wear these long tunics for religious purposes, but Chris this is a music video!! What the hell are you doing???

I asked my listeners to respond to this trend. This is what they had to say.




In a recent interview with A$AP Rocky, I ask him about him wearing a dress on 106 & Park and he said it's just high fashion to wear long tunics! But what about men with painted nails?


How do you feel about Men wearing lipstick?? This Texas rapper is pushing the XY Movement, bending the gender lines in hip-hop.

Are all these female-inspired trends are just harmless fashion or a conspiracy to destroy our strong black men? CLICK HERE for more on that.

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