I been seeing it all over the news and youtube and now its following opening up. Explore & More - The Ralph C. Wilson, Jr. Children's Museum will open daily at Canalside beginning Thursday, June 24th.

The museum offers a variety of learning play zones and hands-on educational spaces. along with cooking and  learning more about themselves and the WNY region.

Programs include:
· Daily open studio time in the three hands-on educational learning spaces included with admission
· Ever-changing paid classes in the three hands-on educational learning spaces
· Weekly Explore Even More (pre-K) and homeschool curriculum-based classes for students with exhibits designed to conform to NYS curriculum standards
· Monthly Super Sunday power play activity days with supersized fun with single-focus themed programming located throughout the museum
· Monthly Au-Some Evenings which give children with autism spectrum disorder and sensory processing disorder, their friends and family an opportunity to play and learn together in an understanding and supportive environment
· Quarterly Member events
· Quarterly Grown Up Night of Play events
· Season-long free Canalside outdoor programming Fridays all summer long
· School holiday and weeklong breaks programs
· Professional Development Programs for leadership training through the lens of play


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