One of the best times of year for family and friends to gather together to spend time with each other and to give thanks for all that we've earned and been giving has come and gone. Now that we've stuffed ourselves with turkey and the fixings, one key question remains?

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What do you do with all of the food that's leftover after Thanksgiving dinner?

Of course, you're going to have leftovers, but for how long? How many different meals and snacks can you form out of the goodies that didn't get eaten when the family came over?

There are all kinds of different meals you can use those leftovers for, things like:

  • Turkey Sandwiches,
  • Turkey Soup,
  • Turkey Pot Pie,
  • Mac & Cheese Bites,
  • Stuffing/Dressing Meatballs,
  • and more.

So, how long can you go having turkey casserole before it's time to just toss it all away?

How Long Should Your Leftovers Last?

According to officials from the USDA, your leftovers should last no more than four days!

But, since when do we listen to what the USDA has to say?! I had to go to my Twitter and Facebook networks to get an idea of what we really do.

It seems that the vast majority of people say their leftovers last no more than 2 days, which would be Friday and Saturday. While a few people said they are going until Sunday.

Growing up, my family used to have to make that food last a little while - however, those days are long as most of the food in the Nice household is gone Thanksgiving night.

So, how long do you plan to hold on to your Thanksgiving leftovers?

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