Despite the long lines, people turned out in record numbers to vote this past weekend.

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Erie County boasts 629,782 registered voters, the 28,214 people who voted this past weekend represent almost 5% of all registered voters.

Looking at these numbers leads us to believe that turnout this year will be much more than it has been in recent years. According to the New York State Board of Elections, voter turnout during a Presidential Election averages around 62%.

Voting this weekend wasn't without hiccups though. Many voters ended up waiting in long lines with wait times averaging around 45 minutes or so.

Even though the lines were long, most people were not bothered by having to wait and quite a few people were filled with enthusiasm while they were waiting.

This was my first time voting and nothing was going to stop me from getting out here today.
-Chad Williams

There are still seven days left for you to vote early. Early voting ends on Sunday, Nov. 1. You have plenty of time to Be Seen and Be Heard. Make sure you vote!

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