Let your voice be heard. Many Western New Yorkers are headed to the polling places for early voting. This is the craziest election year that I have ever witnessed. It is good to see more young people engaged in what is happening in today's world.

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According to WIVB, a group in Buffalo had prepared a  "Unity Vote"  car parade. the group of people had met in Martin Luther King Park, Lead by Dewitt Lee, They will march to Ss. Columbia-Brigid Church, that is where they will vote today, this church is one of the 37 sites where early voting takes place.

We are going to mobilized this community. You have no excuses, nobody in this community has any excuses for not getting out to vote in this election.

said Deacon Jerome Wright of Elim Christian Fellowship, According to WIVB

There are many non-profits in Niagara Falls that are teaming up with Discover Niagara to offer free shuttle service as well, people all over Western New York and Niagara County are really getting together to make a difference this year.

According to WIVB, Leslie Nickerson said,

What we are hoping to do here, is show that people have the desire to early vote.

Leslie is the Director of Niagara Organizing Alliance for Hope, one of the many groups that are helping to get people to the polling places.

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