DUIs fear every driver, sometimes that fear can drive you to a land of false ingenuity. This one driver can tell you better than I can.

In Sparta, NJ, Brian Byers was intoxicated when he ran a stop sign, crashing into a guard rail. He fled the scene. Byers then decided that it would be a good idea to come back to the accident scene and pour water on the road, hope it would freeze to make the roads slick. Byers would then cite that as the reasoning for the car accident.

Although, driving drunk while sliding on ice is still... driving drunk.

The police saw him pouring the water on the road and questioned him:

From CBS:

[Alexander] Zambenedetti later drove Byers back to the scene in his car where Byers then allegedly poured water all over the intersection, creating dangerous black ice, police said.

An officer patrolling in the area spotted Byers walking in the middle of Sawmill Road and found Zambenedetti sitting in his car with two, five gallon plastic buckets visible in the back seat with some water still inside, police said.

The police said it was a pretty pathetic attempt at covering up a crime. From Daily Intelligencer:

“You could actually see the skid marks underneath the water they had just put there, so we knew that they had dumped this water over the top of where he lost control of the vehicle rather than the vehicle losing control on the ice itself,” said Sergeant Dennis Proctor.