You'll need a new form of I.D. called a 'REAL I.D' in order to board a flight in the upcoming year and beyond.  According to news stories:

The Real ID Act is part of post-September 11 legislation, which passed in 2005, to establish minimum security standards for driver's licenses, permits and ID cards issued in all 50 states.

This is the information, according to the news story:

The Real ID looks different than a standard license. It has a star symbol in the upper right corner.

The cost for the Real ID is the same as getting a new standard license or renewal.

To apply for a Real ID you do need to go to the Department of Motor Vehicles and take a new photo.

If you still have a number of years on your standard license past October 2020 before it's set to expire, you can keep using it. The standard ID will still be accepted as identification for most things such as driving, voting, and applying for federal benefits.

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