A Detroit councilmember continues his pursuit to sue Dr. Dre, over a concert that took place in 2000, in Detroit, where a confrontation with police was caught on film and used in a hit DVD. Sources say arguments from both sides took place at a Michigan Supreme Court today.  Councilman Gary Brown was working security at the "Up in Smoke Tour" in Detroit where a meeting between officials and producers of the show was being taped. The tour ran into difficulties in Detroit and Auburn Hills, over the showing of a sexually explicit video that also included a shootout. Brown's conversation  was included as a bonus track on the Up In Smoke DVD titled "Detroit Controversy" which caused him and officers Paula Bridges and Greg Bowers to file a $ 3 billion dollar lawsuit against Dr. Dre, which has been dismissed three times by lower courts. Back in 2007, Dr. Dre also sued the cities of Detroit and Auburn Hills and was awarded $25,000 and apologies from both cities.

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