If you haven't done this and you have a career or would want career shoot even a better job CREATE A LINKEDIN Account. honestly the best thing I (Dj Wire) myself did. So check this out Im scrolling down Linkedin and its really like a corporate facebook same concept and all so I see this job opening from dominos, 30/hr that's all I saw lol

What y'all need me to do, throw the dough up in the air or something. No All you have to is be the Chief Garlic Bread taster. The Post so crazy I could beleive it was an actually ad for a job. Believe is what they say the qualifications is:

You butter believe it! We’re looking for someone a little bit crunchy, but mostly warm and soft on the inside, to help taste test our World-Famous Garlic Breads at Domino’s Headquarters in Brisbane.

The ideal candidate:
Never met a carb they didn’t like
Does not identify as a vampire
Understands the perfect ‘crunch to softness’ ratio
Is passionate about food, innovation and having fun.

Experience and qualifications:
Minimum of 5 years’ experience in garlic bread consumption
Has a detailed understanding of the pizza and garlic bread relationship
Has working taste buds
Has burned their fingers at least once not being able to wait for the garlic bread to cool down
Has a history of reviewing other people’s food choices (solicited and/or unsolicited).

I will honesty fly/ Get Flewed Out to Australia if I'm making 30/hr to eat some bread


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