I've been a dog lover my entire life. Dogs are unlike any other animal in the world. They will never leave your side and will do at nothing to make you happy and try and cheer you up, even if you don't deserve it. We truly do not deserve dogs.

There's currently a dog that is looking to find a forever home at the Niagara SPCA but he comes with a disease that is making it difficult to find an adopter.

According to their Facebook page, Zeke is a dog currently at the Niagara SPCA, but is in the early stages of megaesophagus, which means he has early stages of kidney failure.

Zeke, however, is not ready to leave this world and needs a forever home to look after him and give him love as long as he is with us.

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The Niagara SPCA is asking for help sharing Zeke's story and to find him loving owners, because this dog deserves to have a loving home until he passes on.

This breaks my heart. Zeke looks like such a sweet dog and I know it's asking a lot to take on a dog who is stricken with a disease, but he needs a forever home, regardless of medical conditions.

Let's get Zeke a forever home!

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